Keeping it Local

What the American Flag Means to Me

When I drive around my hometown, I can see how so much has changed, and I wonder which direction we are heading. Then I watch the news, and I compare where I live to other places. I am thinking about how we are doing as a nation, and like a lot of others, I wonder what will happen next. But one important thing that I have noticed lately is the American Flag going up in more places-on houses, fences, and commercial buildings. And it makes me proud! It makes me proud of my country and my fellow citizens. It makes me proud of my town! Because, at its core, the American flag stands for pride, sacrifice, opportunity, hope, strength, and freedom.

Its colors say it all. Red represents hardiness and valor, as well as courage and readiness to sacrifice. Blue signifies justice for all, as well as vigilance and perseverance. A reminder that we must remain watchful and strong. White stands for purity and innocence. Pure because we are independent from other countries and hold true to our ideals. Let’s not forget the stars meant to represent the heavens and the stripes, there to emulate light from the sun. Flying an American Flag serves as a reminder of these values. It is a living piece of history and unity for all Americans. It is a unifier for our entire country and helps us remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us to live here freely. Because “United We Stand” has meaning, and so does “Divided We Fall.” This really IS the Land of Opportunity! If you are proud to be an American, there is no better way to give your support and love to America than by displaying the American Flag. And I would love nothing more than to drive down every street in this country and see it flying high. For more information about the American Flag or to purchase a flag MADE in the U.S.A, please visit this link. Thank you for following our blog. Click here for more articles like this.