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What “NOT” to Wear on an Airplane

I started researching what to wear on the internet and found a lot of ideas. But I found very few articles about what “not” to wear. So in this article, I am making a list of what “NOT” to wear on an airplane.

1. Short shorts 

The obvious reason is hygiene. Even though airlines have begun more extensive cleaning routines lately, the seats are still quickly cleaned. Putting my “private area” on a seat that everyone else has had is very disquieting. But also because it is freezing on board an airplane, and I always need extra layers.

Wear Instead:  Comfortable jeans, stretchy pants, or even leggings. 

2. Laced or Non-zip-up shoes or boots

The main reason for this is that they are hard to remove during TSA screening. But also because seats are cramped and boots are not comfortable. On long flights, I have removed my shoes and put on socks. If you do wear lace-up shoes start untying them before you get to TSA.

Wear Instead:  Driving Loafers, Ballet flats, or if you have to wear boots, make sure they zip down and are easy to remove.

3. Long flowing skirts or pants

Again this is a hygiene thing. I do not like the thought of my skirt or pants brushing the bathroom floor on a plane. Also, something flowy makes moving up and down the isles challenging without catching something. 

Wear Instead: Midi A-line skirts or straight-leg pants.

4. Extra-long Cardigans or Cardigans with long ties

Like the flowing skirts, it may brush the bathroom floor or even find its way into the toilet. Yuck! And also, it is difficult to remove it in a small space if you feel warm. 

Wear Instead:  Cardigan just long enough to cover the bottom with no ties. Make sure it has pockets so those necessary things can be kept handy. 

5. Strong perfume or cologne

Perfumes can be overwhelming in a closed-in space. And some people are allergic to certain scents.  

Wear Instead:  Use Mild scented soaps and lotions, and make sure you wear your deodorant. 

6. White 

I love wearing white in spring and summer but wearing it on a plane only exposes your garment to spills and stains. Spills are more likely in the limited space on airplanes. I have an excellent stain remover that I take on vacation, but I hate spending the time treating and washing clothes. Save your white for the vacation. 

Wear Instead: Darker color clothing and stain-resistant garments.

7. Sequins or Metal Thread Clothes 

Sequins and gold or silver thread clothing could set off the TSA X-ray machine. So unless you enjoy a good pat down, try to avoid these materials.

Wear Instead: Bright colors or patterned clothes make a trip less mundane. 

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