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What Do You Do With An Idea?

Every two weeks, my family and I go to the local library. It is a beautiful, peaceful place where you can spend some quality time together or separately following your interests and surrounding yourself with the written word. I love to go to the children’s area and help my daughter to pick out something to take home. Sometimes it is something she likes, and other times, it may be something that I think might be a good lesson for her. This time I found this excellent book: What Do You Do with an Idea? It is written by Kobi Yamada and Illustrated by Mae Besom. I decided after reading it that I would like to write a book review about it because I wanted to bring it to your attention. Why, may you ask? Because as adults, I think we can all still benefit from the lessons that are being taught to our children, and sometimes we forget that a single idea can change everything. In the book, the character, who is a child, finds an idea. Then the child asks where did it come from and why is it here? Then they ask what they should do with it. The idea seems to follow the child, and they were very worried about what people might think if they knew about this idea. So, the child kept it to themselves. They tried to ignore their idea. But the idea would not go away; in fact, it even grew bigger. Next, the child showed the idea to others, even though they were afraid to do so; what do you think happened after that?

Well, some said it was no good and that it was a waste of time. Finally, the child realized that the others did not know anything and so the child decided to play with and take care of their idea until it grew and grew bigger. After all of that, the child felt more alive, and they could no longer imagine their life without it. The idea even developed a life of its own. What a beautiful, positive book to read to your children and, above all, yourself. Maybe there are many lessons we can all relearn at our local library, in the children’s section. You can purchase this book here if you like, or maybe you can find it at your local library. Marty and I had an idea, and it is this blog.

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