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Turn Your Trauma and Your Drama into Something New

Have you ever planned something, like a trip or an event that was very important to you, and then you arrived there at that moment in time only to have someone you know, like a family member or friend, just blindside you with something? You just totally did not expect it?? Well, my husband and I had this happen to us this summer on what we thought was going to be a much-needed restful and relaxing vacation. We planned our vacation to a certain place and to be around a certain individual, but we had no idea that things were going to change as they did once we arrived. I won’t say who it was, where it was, or what happened in order to protect those involved, but I will say that we were just totally knocked off course. Our much-needed vacation was turned into trauma and drama. One that we will probably never forget.

Trauma and Drama

One that I do not think we even deserved. I am telling you this because when it first happened, we felt devasted, and we did not quite know what to do, and as what happened continued to happen, feelings only began to worsen. We felt weak and not able to decide our next action. But then I remembered the old saying that when you are dealt lemons, you should make lemonade, so we did. We no longer called our trip vacation; we renamed it a business trip which motivated us to do different things while we were there. I wrote stories instead, focused on our blog, went to different places, and met new people instead.

Yes, our vacation had ended, it was ruined anyway, but our trip there was not wasted. We took care of business instead and things that needed to be taken care of anyway. And we learned a valuable lesson. That is when something bad happens to you and life does not go as you planned. It’s OK! Rename, reschedule, redo, and you might be surprised to find that what you thought was something bad was the best thing that ever could have happened to you.

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