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TSA-Approved Solid Toiletries for Travel

TSA regulations mean you have to limit your liquid toiletries. But I searched and found the best solid toiletries, so you do not have to compromise. Here is a List of TSA-approved solid toiletries that I can not travel without.


Sunscreen is a must for every vacation. Neutrogena has a stick form that I really love for travel. It is oil and PABA-free and works on the face and body. It offers both UVA and UVB protection, and it will not melt like other sunscreens. There is also a child-friendly option. 

Neutrogena Stick Sunscreen


My favorite solid shampoo bar is the J·R·LIGGETT’S All-Natural Shampoo Bar. It comes in different options for every kind of hair. I use the Moisturizing Formula because I have dry hair. 

J.R.Liggett’s Shampoo Bar


And because I also need conditioner and a small bottle only lasts for a few days. I love to travel with the Peach not Plastic Conditioner Bar. It also has different formulas for different kinds of hair. It is Eco-friendly, plastic-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and has a 100% Natural Fragrance.

Peach not Plastic Conditioner Bar

Solid Lotion

TSA liquid regulations mean you can not carry enough lotion for a long trip. But Honey House Naturals Bee Bar has solved that. This bar is a combination of natural butter, moisturizers, and Vitamin E in a solid lotion bar. Your skin will feel smooth and silky without the need for water. It can last four to six months. These bars come in several scents as well as unscented. I love this product. 

Honey House Naturals Bee Bar Lotion

Solid Laundry Soap Sheets 

Ever had to do laundry on a trip but didn’t want to bother with detergent packets? Well, Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets to the rescue. One container contains 50 biodegradable sheets that dissolve in water and offer cleaning suds wherever you need them. A must-have for long trips. 

There are a lot of solid travel toiletries out there. These products are my favorites. Most don’t weigh any more than a bottle of the product. Writing this article has made me realize that it is time for another trip.

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