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Titanic Museum -Branson, Missouri

You will find a most intriguing adventure in Branson, Missouri, at the World’s largest Titanic Museum. This museum is a tribute to the ship but even more to the passengers and crew that boarded this magnificent ship in 1912. Your journey begins when you are given a slip of paper telling you which passenger you will be on your short visit. Then you walk through the exhibit as you learn about the Titanic, the people on board, their lives, and their history. You will hear the voices of some of the survivors, and you will learn their fate. Did your passenger survive or perish? In the end, you will discover your person’s destiny. Take a step back in time at this Titanic Museum. We did, and we learned so much.

All the children’s photos touched my daughter, and she was interested to see how long she could keep her hand in the cold water that was placed for us to give it a test. We found a room that gave you the feel of being outside on that cold night. We saw pictures of the band playing and were told stories about how they continued to play even as the ship sank. So much to learn here about the people who were on board and who they were. This visit made us happy to be alive, and this museum will help you to Savour your own life. The Titanic Museum is in the heart of Branson at 3235 76 Country Blvd & Hwy 165, 65616. For more Travel articles, please visit our blog.