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Thyme on Section

A few days ago, we visited downtown Fairhope, Al. on a mission to discover all of the Public Art pieces that are included in the Public Art in Fairhope Walking Tour. This is a self-guided tour of 19 three-dimensional works of Art. A list of these pieces can be found on page 18 of the Fairhope Alabama Visitors Guide. We picked ours up at The Cat’s Meow located in downtown Fairhope, but copies can also be picked up at the welcome center located in the center of town. The tour includes Art that has been strategically placed around Fairhope for people to admire and enjoy. Plaques are placed on the bottom of most pieces which describe who made them or what they represent. Before we began our tour, we wanted to fill our bellies so we wouldn’t be hungry as we visited each piece.

We were standing on Section Street when we saw the word Thyme. Thinking about the word automatically brought up visions of flavor and aroma. After all, thyme is cultivated around the world for its dried leaves and flowering tops. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean, with many species coming from an area that encompasses southern Europe, western Asia, and North Africa. It is considered to be part of the mint family and has antiseptic properties as well. Yes, we thought. We wanted to visit this restaurant, so we hurried across the busy Fairhope Street to secure our spot inside. The restaurant does tend to fill up quickly around lunchtime. We found our seats and settled in to look over the menu.

The waitress was friendly and gave us a great rundown of what the restaurant had to offer. She explained that it was a locally-owned place with hard-working chefs who use locally sourced fresh ingredients. We always love to hear those words. After that, it was evident that it was going to be a hard decision on which items to choose. They all sounded amazing. She said they had the best hamburgers in town, and that was hard to pass up, for me, of course! I put that into memory for next time. I asked the waitress which other items on the menu were the most popular. After that, it seemed we really couldn’t go wrong with our choices. Marty decided on the Salmon BLT. A roasted salmon on sourdough bread included lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, and truffle aioli. She added a side of tomato soup.

I chose the Gyro with shaved gyro meat topped with Greek salad, spicy aioli, and tzatziki on flatbread with a side of truffle fries. These are hand-cut fries with parmesan cheese, scallion, truffle oil, and truffle aioli. The plates looked delightful when they arrived at our table. Our mouths began to water as we looked over our meals.

We dug in immediately, and all I could hear coming from Marty was,” Oh my goodness, this is Fabulous!” She said it several times. I finally had to ask for a bite. Mine was just as good, so we cut off pieces to share. We have to say that these sandwiches were some of the most enjoyable we have ever tasted. We especially give the Salmon BLT a big thumbs up! Marty even returned with her husband the next day for him to enjoy. So, if you are hungry and in Fairhope, we highly recommend Thyme on Section Street. Stop by after work or on the weekend for the bar. They offer a variety of drinks, interesting mixers, and craft cocktails. A kid’s menu is available. And the menu does not stop at just hamburgers, gyros, and salmon BLTs. There are many choices for your pallet, and they are also open for Sunday Brunch.

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