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10 Things to Do in Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores When It Rains

Living near the coast for most of my life, I know that afternoon storms are frequent near the beach. But rain can put a damper on vacation plans. So to make the most of my time at the beach, I have come up with things to do during a storm while visiting Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores. I will share them with you now in the hope that you will continue enjoying your trip even in the event of rain. 

1. Go out to eat at a Restaurant. 

There are numerous restaurants in Gulf Shore and Orange Beach. 

Some of our Favorites:

For restaurant suggestions follow the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores section of our blog.

2. Shop for souvenirs.

Or Shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Some of our Favorite Shops:

3. Watch a Movie

You can watch a movie at home.

Here are a few of our Favorite Beach Movies:

Or Go to a Movie Theatre.

Local Theaters:

4. Go to an Arcade

Some of our Favorites:

5. Laser Tag

Some of our Favorites:

6. Play Games

Here are a few of our Favorites:

7. Go for Ice Cream

Some of our Favorites:

The Yard Milkshake Bar, Gulf Shores

8. Go to a Spa

9. Take a Yoga Class

10. Read a Book

Here are some of our Favorites:

Amazon Book recommendations.

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