The Top 5 Reasons Why Many Restaurants Are Closed on Mondays

If you are a lover of restaurant food, you might be a bit frustrated at the lack of available options open on Mondays. But why are restaurants closed on Mondays, you might ask. Well here at Savour we have asked the same questions, and you know how we like to do a little research. So, we did, and here are the top reasons why your favorite restaurants are closed on Mondays:

1. Simply put, opening on Monday doesn’t make a lot of financial sense.

In the restaurant business, Monday has traditionally been the slowest day of the week. One possible reason for this can likely be attributed to people indulging themselves from Thursday through Sunday. The weekend is a possible cut-off point for some after indulging themselves in what a nice restaurant visit brings. Many people who visit restaurants on Mondays may not spend as much money or indulge themselves in many bottles of wine or other extras. 

2. Staffing can be an issue on Monday. 

While there are ways to nudge toward profitability on Mondays, it’s not the only reason restaurateurs close shop. Most locally owned establishments have a small staff, so remaining closed on a slow day allows everyone a chance to slow down and take a breath. It also saves costs in owners hiring more part-time staff to cover more time spent open. Chain restaurants, which have a larger staff, don’t need to worry about that kind of thing and are usually open seven days a week. These businesses are also often dependent on shareholders that demand maximized profitability. Small business owners don’t typically have that worry.

closed on Mondays

3. Food is not as Fresh on Mondays

Many restaurants may not get fresh food deliveries on weekends, meaning items served on a Monday could have been made from ingredients carried over from the previous Friday. The late chef Anthony Bourdain famously implored people not to order fish on Mondays, as it stood a greater chance of being left over from the previous week, though he later walked it back, saying the restaurant business had evolved since he first delivered the advice in 1999.

4. Service may not be as good on Mondays

Even if your favorite place is open, some restaurants may use the slowest day of the week to break in new managers, waitstaff, or chefs. Customers may not necessarily be getting a restaurant’s best service when occupied tables are few and far between.

5. Some owners truly believe that the lifestyle, health, and family time of their operators are more important than the few extra profit points of being open seven days a week.

Some places that come to mind are Chick-fil-A and The Mediterranean Sandwich Shop. Well, I just really appreciate this attitude in a world where so many business owners only think about profit! 

The key takeaway is this: if you’re just itching with a Monday craving for a steak and baked potato or a cheeseburger and fries’ chances are you’ll be able to satisfy it at the Big Chain restaurants. They often have a large enough staff they can rotate in and out to remain open and still give team members days off. And they are often open 7 days a week. Plan your visit to your favorite mom-and-pop or Chef’s table Tuesday-Sundays.

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