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The Slow Movement

Here at Savour, we encourage an idea. Our idea is that we believe that everyone should live life at the right speed. The Slow Movement is an approach to life where you live life not at a snail’s pace, but not too fast. Because faster is not always better; it is about savoring the hours and minutes of your life rather than just counting them. A good book for you to read might be Fundamentals of Sustainable Life by Professor Lonnie A. Gamble. It is one of the Great Courses books that I found at our local library, and after reading it, I discovered that Marty and I are blogging about The Slow Movement, and we did not even know it. Quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting.

This book describes a shifting worldview where we become more efficient and make our lives healthier. Harmony with nature is the key, with the philosophy being that sustainability increases pleasure and, as the book describes, the sensuality of life. This slow movement offers a positive alternative to the industrial life we have all been living and suggests that we all reconnect with the important things in our lives, our food, our planet, and our people. For more about what we are reading, you can follow us on our blog. For more Balanced Mind articles, follow our blog.