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The Proper Way to Pumice

I woke up early this morning, and what a beautiful day! The sun was shining brightly on my bedroom window panes, and as I looked out, I noticed that the azaleas were in full bloom. It was still kind of early, I thought. Everyone was still sleeping sound. What a wonderful day to take a spa shower, I told myself. A little ME time before everyone needs something from me.

I gathered all of my spa items, towel, favorite body wash, shampoo for colored hair, and oh yes, how about that pumice stone? I know you have seen one, right? That little grey-colored stone(similar) you can find in the health and beauty department of any drug store.

Well, have you ever thought about just exactly how you are supposed to use it? I wondered about it myself. Was I using t correctly? So I did a little research after my ME time on the proper way to pumice and found out that I was not using it correctly after all. The first mistake was not letting it soak for about 5 to 10 minutes prior to its use. Yes, your pumice stone needs some ME time, too, in order to work correctly.

The next step is to rub the calloused areas of your feet with the pumice stone in a circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes using light pressure. It’s important not to over-exfoliate as you may damage your skin and cause pain to the area. Once you feel your feet are smooth and soft, you can stop; now you are done.

After you finish your spa time, you can pat your feet with a soft towel; apply some moisturizer or oil, and voila! Don’t forget to give some more ME time to your pumice stone too! Dirt and dead skin can be stuck in the pores of the stone. So, make sure you clean out the pumice stone after using it. Let the stone dry completely before storing it in a dry place. I hope you enjoy a little ME time for yourself soon. For more insight into your style and beauty, you can follow the Style and Beauty area of our blog.