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The Cowfish- Orlando, Florida

This Fall, we took a trip to Universal Orlando Studios and ended our days in City Walk. It is a great dining and entertainment venue with bright lights and music. It is a great place to walk to or ride the boat from your Universal Resort Hotel. Well, Marty had the great idea to blend our culinary likes into one at The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar. Marty was there for the fish and me for the burger. At this venue, you can literally dive into a custom-designed burger or saddle up to some sushi. Keep them separate, or embrace the spirit of Burgushi®. This is a cutting-edge fusion between land and sea that offers the best of both worlds. Wash it all down with spiked milkshakes, premium sakes, beers, exotic martinis, or non-alcoholic specialties. My favorite was their mojito.

For our entrée, we ordered the Rainbow Roll, a California roll topped with assorted fish, spicy mayo, and fish roe. We also ordered the Chicken Bacon Avocado sandwich, topped with Bacon and served with a side of fries, and the C.B.C.L.T. Burger with Cowfish sauce on a brioche bun. My favorite item, though, was the Tuna and Avocado-Tini served in a martini glass with cubed tuna and ripe avocado in ginger dressing on top of seaweed salad. Believe it or not, my daughter loved this, and the fact that it was in this cute glass made it so much fun. The food and the restaurant here were unique, and even though Sushi is not my favorite, it was beautiful, and almost everyone in the restaurant ordered it. Many people love it, Marty included. The atmosphere was also interesting, with bright colors, and I learned that cowfish really do exist. See photos.

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