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The Cat’s Meow

“The Cat’s Meow,” have you ever thought about where this cute phrase comes from? According to, “the cat’s meow” is defined as: “Something or someone delightful, desirable, or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way.” Yes, the American slang “the cat’s meow” is often used to describe something or someone that’s considered wonderful or remarkable — and is equivalent to the modern-day “awesome.” Well, we actually visited “The Cat’s Meow” in downtown Fairhope on our walking tour the other day. The front door made us smile as soon as we saw it.

The phrase itself seems to inspire happiness, so we had to go inside. We were greeted immediately with smiles and happy faces. We also found a recently made friend inside and made some new ones. Spring arrivals were coming in, and we found a variety of casual and classic clothing inside.

The Cat's Meow Store

We learned that it was a family-owned business and has been in Fairhope for over 28 years. They offered a wide selection of linen, and I even found it in my favorite color, a light blue. There is a clearance section in the back for savvy shoppers as well. Here you will find comfortable apparel and great accessories, and they sell many shoes.

We can’t say enough about the fun we had shopping in this store. From the choice of apparel to the friendly staff, we had a great time and shared an hour full of laughs—good times at The Cat’s Meow.

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