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The Butterfly Palace-Branson, MO

Not long ago, the Savour crew took a road trip to Branson, Missouri, to discover new places. One place we found along Highway 76 was The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure. This was a truly magical space for both children and adults. They offered live exotic butterflies in a Free-Flying Aviary filled with hundreds of tropical plants. To interact with them, we used complimentary nectar flowers to hand-feed them. They also offer a Rainforest Mirror Maze that, is a place you can get lost in with 64 mirrors.

See The Banyan Tree as well to experience a simulation of walking through this unique tree and the aerial roots that descend from its branches. View live reptiles and amphibians or have a critter encounter. We also enjoyed the gift shop on our way out with handmade and unique garden items. One of the things we appreciated about this place, other than the beautiful butterflies, was that the butterfly industry was created as a sustainable way of life for people in the Rainforest. This mission aims to protect rainforests and their inhabitants by creating farms that create jobs for locals providing them with a sustainable income.

This helps to reduce the destruction of the forest. Farms allow butterflies to be raised in a protected environment. Then they are either sent off for exhibition, kept for breeding, or released back into the rainforest. Butterflies raised on a farm have a survival rate of up to 90% versus a 7% survival rate in the wild (Friends of the Rainforest and the Rainforest Foundation). This Special place has been awarded the Traveler’s Choice Award 2022, and it is open Year-Round. From Conservation to carrying out its mission, The Butterfly Palace is a must-see if you come to Branson, Missouri. So don’t miss this exciting location. The Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure are located at 4106 W. HWY 76 in Branson, MO. For more Travel Information please follow our blog. For more Green Earth Articles, click here.