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The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times

Jane Goodall is an icon. A woman who, at the age of 26, traveled into a faraway place, from England to what is now Tanzania, and ventured into the little-known world of wild chimpanzees. She immersed herself in their world and habitat, transforming our understanding of chimpanzees and redefining the relationship between humans and animals in ways that continue to emanate worldwide. So, when I saw her recently in an article written by Reader’s Digest called Growing Hope, I took an interest in reading it. Jane, who is now 90 years old, is writing about hope. She admits to feeling depressed many times when she sees the efforts, struggles, and sacrifices of so many people who are fighting for social justice and environmental justice and who are fighting racism and greed. She feels as if they are all fighting losing battles. But she says without Hope, all is lost. She explains that Hope is a survival trait that has sustained the human species from the beginning of our stone age ancestors. She says her own journey would have never been possible without hope. She has seen many things during her 90 years on this planet and describes how humans need nature and plants to be one with the natural world. She says every species has an important role to play, and they are all interconnected. In these trying times, if you would like to read more about Jane Goodall and her philosophy, you can find her new book called The Book of Hope on Amazon. For more about What We are Reading, you can visit our blog.

Book of Hope