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Summer Self-Care Ideas

Summer is an ideal season for self-care. It’s a time for sunshine, enjoyment, and family vacations. However, self-care is essentially about taking things slow and appreciating life. It involves caring for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, ensuring that you are in a good place, and giving yourself the attention you deserve. We tend to feel more energetic and invigorated during the summer months because of the longer days, bright sunshine, and warm weather. It’s the perfect opportunity to channel that energy toward activities promoting well-being. Taking care of ourselves during the summer can increase our positive energy and spread joy and positivity in our lives.

1. Create a Summer Vision Board

A vision board is a tool that helps you turn your dreams into reality. It can be a physical or digital board, and you can even create one on Pinterest. A vision board can include images, inspiring text, or a combination. The key is to create a board that resonates with YOU and inspires you to act towards your goals. Regularly looking at your vision board allows you to manifest your dreams into reality. Putting thought and care into creating your vision board is essential to be truly inspiring. When your vision board profoundly resonates with you, looking at it brings great joy and motivation.

2. Take a Road Trip

When it comes to adventure and exploration, road trips are the perfect choice. An increasing number of individuals are choosing to go on road trips nowadays as they look for a cost-effective way to travel. There are many reasons to choose a road trip, including cost savings and the ability to bring your pets along. The best thing about road trips is the flexibility they offer. You don’t have to worry about flight times or bus schedules, as you’ll have your own car to get around in. Plus, if you see something interesting while driving, it’s easy to pull over and check it out. And if your plans change, you can always adjust your itinerary if you book hotels with free cancellation.

3. Get Out In the Sunshine

When considering the sun, the potential harm it can cause may come to mind. Overexposure can lead to various health problems. However, a small amount of sunlight, particularly in the morning before it reaches its peak intensity, can be beneficial in several ways. Moderate sun exposure can elevate serotonin levels in the body, which is also known as the ‘happiness hormone’. This can help enhance your mood and concentration, making you feel both relaxed and attentive.

4. Create a Summer Playlist

Music has the ability to set the tone for any occasion, including a summer vacation. It can also serve as a way to create lasting memories. If you’re looking to have a fun and upbeat summer this year, consider adding summer-inspired music to your playlist to boost your mood.

5. Read a Summer Book

I find reading to be one of the best ways to take care of myself, yet it is often overlooked as a self-care tool. It’s a very affordable, simple, and highly portable activity. During my summer vacations growing up, you could always find me with my nose buried in a book. Whenever I have to wait for appointments or meetings, I enjoy taking a book with me. A good book can offer a much-needed break from reality, unlike my phone and social media. Books are perfect for many vacation occasions like road trips, beach days and more.

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6. Buy a Summer Wardrobe

Choosing the right clothes can greatly affect your mood and self-confidence. Creating a summer wardrobe with essential items that make you feel amazing can enhance your overall summer experience.

7. Enjoy Your Favorite Cold Drinks

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the summer by drinking plenty of fluids. Keeping a water bottle or tall glass nearby can serve as a helpful reminder to drink water regularly. Or choose your favorite cold drink. Apart from hydration, drinking water can also improve your skin, flush toxins from your body, and provide many other benefits. If you find plain water unappetizing, consider adding some fruit to it for a more delicious flavor. You can add small pieces of your favorite fruit and herbs directly to your water or use a water pitcher with a diffuser. This way, you’ll always have refreshing cold water to drink whenever you need it.

8. Watch a Summer Feel Good Movie

Summer is a great time to unwind and enjoy some feel-good movies. Opt for films that capture the essence of summer with themes of beaches, vacations, romance, fun, and sunshine. They provide a perfect escape for a few hours, transporting you to a different world. So, take some time for yourself and indulge in summer-themed movies.

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9. Go for a Walk in Nature

Nature has a calming effect on our nervous system and can help us feel more relaxed and less anxious. This is because being surrounded by the beauty of nature reduces levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress and anxiety. 

10. Enjoy Seasonal Fruit

Eating summer fruits is beneficial for your body as they provide energy and essential nutrients, help in staying hydrated and cool. In-season fruits are fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than the out-of-season ones. Consuming natural and fresh fruits provides our body with rich nutrients. Seasonal fruits are beneficial for health because they ripen naturally and are not picked early. This allows the plant to receive more exposure to the sun, resulting in higher levels of antioxidants in the fruit.

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11. Shop Local Farmers Market

When you buy locally grown food, it is delivered straight from the vine or field to your neighborhood market, with a brief stopover at a warehouse or truck at the farm. On the other hand, conventional produce found in grocery stores usually comes from much farther away and can travel for days by air or truck. By shopping at your local farmers market, you are directly contributing to your community’s economy. Business owners often operate their own booths at farmers markets, providing greater accountability for quality compared to larger supermarkets.

12. Enjoy Ice Cream

It’s common knowledge that nothing beats ice cream on a scorching summer day. Therefore, when the weather gets warmer, why not indulge in some refreshing ice cream? Head over to a nearby ice cream stand and savor a delectable treat to beat the heat.

13. Go to The Beach

If you are in need of some self-care, a vacation by the seaside might be just what you’re looking for. The sound of ocean waves, the smell of salt water, and the feeling of warm sand under your feet can be incredibly soothing. Although I used to think my love for the beach was just nostalgia from growing up near one, I now realize that it’s actually good for your health to soak up the sun and get plenty of vitamin D. But don’t forget the sunscreen.

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