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Such a Women: The Life of Madame Octavia Walton LeVert 

Madame Octavia Walton LeVert was the granddaughter of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the daughter of the first Secretary for Florida. Edgar Allan Poe dedicated a poem to her, and Henry Clay discussed politics with her. Queen Victoria welcomed her before her royal court. Finally, Washington Irving, author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, said, “A woman such as appears but once in the course of an empire.” Yet, few have heard of her outside the place she lived the longest, Mobile, Alabama. Such a Woman: The Life of Madame Octavia Walton LeVert, by author Paula Lenor Webb, is a story of this intellectual woman. Madame Octavia Walton LeVert published her own book, Souvenirs of Travel, and helped save Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, from ruin. She had fame and prominence in the Society she loved until the Civil War changed it all.

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