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Strawberries & Melon With Pistachio Nuts

The crunchy pistachio nuts with the melon and strawberries give a great texture, and believe me, you will never get bored with it. I have also used this recipe as a starter with a couple of slices of Parma ham on top.


2 tablespoons pistachio nuts

2 tablespoons flaked almonds

200g strawberries

1 Galia melon or Honeydew melon

30g dried apricots, chopped


1   Place the pistachio nuts and almonds in a small dry frying pan and cook over medium heat for 2 minutes.

2   Toss occasionally to allow the nuts to toast evenly. Once they are ready, set them aside to cool.

3   Cut the strawberries in half and place in a large bowl.

4   Remove the seeds and the skin from the melon, cut the flesh into small bite-sized pieces, and place in the bowl with the strawberries.

5   Add the apricots and the toasted nuts and mix them together. Divide between two serving bowls and enjoy.


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