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Sprout Studio -Silverhill, Alabama

When you hear the word Sprout, you may think of a little bud or a new growth on a plant. Other things sprout, such as a child who is constantly sprouting. The critical thing to think about the meaning of Sprout is growth, which is happening at Sprout Studios in Silverhill, Alabama-in a small but beautiful little studio. There inside Sprout studio, you will find Tammy Kilgore if you stop by. A wonderful lady and a member of the fabulous Silverhill community. I stepped inside recently to hear a very happy hello. “I can hear you, but I cannot see you,” I said. Then out, she came from her workspace and greeted me with a smile. She showed Marty and me around her eclectic space filled with vintage rugs from India, her very own painted furniture, unique gifts, and other fun finds.

Everything inside seemed to have found this nice place, and Tammy was proud of it. Outside in the front were brightly colored metal garden furniture where she often has visitors spend some time. Sometimes, they come from Brodies Cream and Bean with their ice creams, just next door to sit and enjoy the sunshine. Often, they come and reminisce, especially after seeing the vintage dishes offered inside.

Yes, Sprout Studio is a place for growing both inside and out, both for Tammy and for whoever happens to drop by. Sprout Studio is a vision, a dream, and a passion coming to fruition right here in southern Alabama. You should stop by for a visit. You will leave better than you came. For more Keeping It Local, please visit our blog.