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Speaking Up as a Form of Self-Care

Standing up for yourself in life can be hard sometimes. And as a result, this can lead to stress caused by having to deal with too many demands. Learning to ask for what you want or challenging others in the face of criticism or conflict can lead to elevated stress levels. Sometimes it may seem easier to submit to all the demands asked of us rather than to challenge someone else’s status. 

The following are some ways to help with Speaking Up for Yourself.

  1. Understand that asking for your needs is important and accept that speaking up for what you want may make you uncomfortable. Embrace this feeling and get used to it.
  1. Know what you want and be clear about it.
  1. Be reasonable when you ask for what you need.
  1. Accept that what you are asking for might be refused. 
  1. Give yourself enough time to think about what you can do before you commit to others’ requests. 
  1. When presented with demands, ask for more time and information before making a final decision.

Asserting your needs can seem like a difficult task sometimes. And you are not alone. Challenging others and standing up for yourself can feel intimidating. But with practice, you can develop the confidence you need to say “NO” and better protect yourself from avoidable stress.

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