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Safari Club Restaurant

One of the best days we have had was down in Gulf Shores, Alabama, at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. We spent the day there during Earth Day. We learned about how different types of clothes can be made out of plastic and how that plastic can seep into the water drainage systems during the washing cycles. We also learned how straws could be made out of sugar cane. We watched a Bear get his shots and spent some excellent one-on-one time with a fluffy little sloth named Gus.

After such a long warm, but delightful day, we found ourselves both hungry and thirsty, so we decided to go over to the Zoo restaurant and grab some hot dogs or burgers. We arrived at the restaurant and opened the door to find an incredible atmosphere. Ample open space with a beautiful wooden bar completely decorated with safari décor. Totally different from any restaurant we have been in thus far.

We arrived at our seats and learned from the waiter that this establishment is Alabama’s first “Green Restaurant.” Meaning that they have been recognized by the Green Restaurant Group in Boston as a leader in conservation, recycling, and reduced waste. According to the Safari Club, they have teamed up with the City of Gulf Shores in order to recycle a variety of different materials. They use no Styrofoam, to-go order containers are bio-degradable, and they use no plastic straws. They grow a lot of their own vegetables on-site at the zoo as well, and many of these ingredients arrive right in front of you on the table.

We never imagined such a wonderful place located at the zoo, and in fact, we learned from the staff that the Safari Club is actually located at the zoo, but it is a separate establishment from the zoo, so they have different hours, and you can go anytime during their hours of operation even if the zoo happens to be closed.

We began our meal with a fresh-made salad; then, for entrées, we tried the chicken salad on croissant, a great protein-packed meal for a hungry mamma with a side order of plantain chips. These were light and tasty. I actually prefer these now over potato chips. Marty ordered fish with Brussel sprouts and lemon risotto. She did a great job and ate her veggies!

A great place to do so since they came fresh from the garden on site. We will not wait for another trip to the zoo to experience a zoo atmosphere. And we are all for supporting Green Living! The Safari Club Restaurant and the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo are located in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Stop in and give them both a try, your kiddos will love it, and we think you will too. Tell them Marty and Kathleen from Savour a life well lived sent you there.