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Road Trip Essentials

Because I love to travel, I am always planning a trip. I thoroughly enjoy a road trip with family and friends. I was packing for my last road trip and started writing down some things I never travel without on a long car vacation. I also added a few more road trip essentials to the list that I did not pack but realized I needed during our trip. Hopefully, my list will help you have an enjoyable and stress-free trip.

First Aid Kit

Scrapes, bug bites, and blisters are common on a road trip, so to be prepared, I always carry a first aid kit. This kit is great because it has everything you need for those mine injuries.

M2 Emergency First Aid Kit

Medicine Case

This case keeps medications together and organized. Plus it has a lock to keep the children from accessing meds.

Kaddy Medicine Bag

List of Medicines to Take:

  1. Motrin or Tylenol
  2. Anti-itch cream
  3. Anti-acid tablets
  4. Anti-diarrhea tabs
  5. Cough Drops
  6. Eye drops
  7. Benadryl
  8. Motion Sickness tabs
  9. Bug Repellant
  10. Travel Size Tissue Packet

Wet Wipes 

Messy hands and faces are also expected on a road trip. To keep your clothes and car clean, these are great.

Cottonell Flushable Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

When you are on a road trip, sometimes you have to stop at places that do not have sinks to wash hands, such as state parks and porta potties. Hand sanitizer is a must to prevent the spread of germs. I love this brand because it smells good and it is organic.

Lemyn Hand Sanitizer Gel

Paper towels

For all those little messes and spills. And they can be used as a lap napkin for those meals on the go.

Bounty Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

You never know when you have to “go” at a place that doesn’t have any.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Water bottle

Always a good idea the keep on hand to help you keep hydrated on a long road trip.

CamelBak Water Bottle

Travel Pillow and Blanket

What I like about these pillows and blankets are that they both fold up and are packable.

Travel Umbrella

This is a great option because it is “Windproof.” I own this one, and also a full-size one.

Weatherman Travel Umbrella

Phone holder for Front and/or Backseat

Whether you use it for navigating or for watching a movie on a road trip, these are sturdy phone holders that are easy to install.

Soft side cooler

Soft side coolers are better on a road trip because they can be squeezed into a tighter spot in a packed car.

AO Soft Side Cooler

Foldable storage box

To keep everything organized and handy. I keep mine in the backseat on a trip.

Smart Design Tote Organizer (Black version)

Picnic Blanket

Great to put down on the ground for a rest stop or park picnic. The bottom layer is water resistant. I keep this in my trunk even when not on a road trip.

Pendleton Packable Blanket

Roadside Emergency Kit

An emergency can happen at any time. It is great to be prepared. I always keep these items in my car. I have had to use them more than once in my time as a driver.

USB Splitter

No more fighting over the charger. This splitter allows you to charge 4 different things at the same time.

USB Splitter

Packable Rain Jacket

Rain showers should not put a damper on your trip. This jacket is lightweight and packs into its own pocket.

Columbia Rain Jacket

Trash Can

A trash can is always a necessary item on a road trip to keep the car clean and organized. This one has side pockets for tissues and other small items that need to be kept handy.

Hotor Car Trash Can

Coin and Small Bill Pouch

Because you never know when you will need change for meters, toll booths, or snack machines.

Finelaer Leather Coin Pouch

Road Trip Playlist

One of the best things to do on a long road trip is the play “Name that Song.” You put your music on shuffle and see who can name the song and the singer first. And then singing along with the rest of the song. You can download thousands of songs on Amazon Music to your smartphone.

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