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Rivellino da Paolo -Belmonte Calabro Marina, Italy

The often-overlooked Southern Part of Italy serves tasty flavors and culinary adventures. If only you were willing to take a tour. The language may present somewhat of a difficulty, but with a little Duolingo and a lot of effort, Southern Italy will be a whole new adventure. I have been lucky enough to be able to travel there, off the beaten path, with “mio marito,” my husband in Italian, and this has been one of my life’s greatest and much-appreciated adventures. The similarities between Southern Alabama and Southern Italy are not as different as you might think. With similar climates and the same smiling faces, a Southern person feels right at home. This time, we stopped for dinner at Rivellino da Paolo. A restaurant situated in the newly renovated part of Palazzo Rivellino.

A historical building in the municipality of Belmonte Calabro, in the province of Cosenza, Calabria. It was built by Count Torino Ravaschieri Fieschi in 1579 to defend those along the coast against enemy attack from the Tyrrhenian Sea. In 1627, the defensive tower was transformed into a palace by Don Orazio Giovan Battista Ravaschieri Fieschi, 1st Prince of Belmonte. Between 1806 and 1807, the Palace of Rivellino became state property before being sold to the Giuliani family.

Currently, the palace is divided between several private owners. I was able to meet some of them while I visited. What I love so much about Italy are the stories that the locals tell. I find it very interesting to think about what could have happened there and who walked in the space before me. All the while, I find myself sitting in a palace and eating something remarkable. Here is a little peek into what we ate and what we enjoyed that day.

Rivellino da Paolo is located at Via del Rivellino, 95, Belmonte Calabro, Calabria, Italy.
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