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Ristorante da Gianni, Italy

This past summer, we traveled to Italy to a small town called Belmonte Calabro, which is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea. We stayed there at the Marina, a fabulous beach still untouched by tourism and crowds. While we were visiting, we went out to eat with friends and family at Ristorante da Gianni. Gianni is an old-school friend of my husband and a super nice guy. Since we were out with family and they really love fish, and the South of Italy is famous for their fish, it was fish night. I am not the biggest fish fan, as many of you may know. Marty is the fish eater among us. But Gianni made me love to eat fish this night. From Sardines which arrived in a beautiful layout, to mussels on risotto to the local catch lightly fried with a side of veggies, I was on a full-flavored mouth-watering adventure, and I loved every moment of it.

My daughter also enjoyed spaghetti con Pomodoro, shaped like a cute little tower. Later I walked around the restaurant while Gianni told us a story about the nice Moroccan art on the wall. We loved to eat at Gianni’s so much that we returned another evening for another go at the local cuisine.

As luck may have it, we ran into some Americans from Florida who had the same last name as my husband and delighted in figuring out which side of the family we were connected on while taking a fun photo for us to remember them by. Who would have guessed we would find some other English-speaking Americans at Gianni’s? To celebrate, Gianni brought us some wonderful Sorbet and some out of this world better than my grandma’s pear marmalade.

Then we enjoyed some more laughs outside the restaurant overlooking the Marina. If you want to visit Italy and a beach so beautiful it is postcard perfect, then book a trip to Belmonte, Calabro, Italy. Ristorante da Gianni is located at Viale Benedetto Croce, 59, 87033 Belmonte Calabro CS, Italy.

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