Self Care

Reading As a Form of Self Care

Did you know that reading is a great way to practice self-care? I truly believe that reading can be enjoyable for everyone, even if it takes a few tries to find the right genre for you. Including reading in your self-care routine can have many positive benefits. Reading allows you to escape from the stresses of daily life and gives you a much-needed break. It’s different from listening to music or watching TV because it requires more focus, which takes your mind off your worries. By reading before bed, you can also improve your sleep quality. Unlike using your phone or tablet, reading a book is a calming activity that can help you relax and unwind before sleeping.

To start, identify your preferences for TV shows or movies. This should tell you what genre of book you will enjoy. I enjoy the horror and thriller genres, which is why I tend to gravitate towards mystery/thriller books. I find it exciting to try and guess the unexpected endings, and the fast-paced thrillers keep me engaged every night. This motivates me to continue reading even after finishing a book. I also love historical fiction. This genre makes history come to life and makes it more than just a list of names and dates.

It’s okay to stop reading a book if you’re not enjoying it, so don’t feel guilty. However, pushing through a boring spot in a book may lead to discovering areas that you really like. Reading should be enjoyable for it to be self care.

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