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Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf

If you are looking for a bit of entertainment while in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and you want to revisit feeling like a kid again, you can try your luck at a few rounds of mini golf at Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf. That is what Marty and I did. We brought our kids along so we could have a good excuse to be kids again, but it’s not a big deal if you don’t have any.

There were people of all ages there when we went. We started with the scorecard but ended up just playing for fun; after all, who really needs to keep score anyway unless you enjoy a bit of competition. There are a few different courses to choose from; one is easier and the other a bit more challenging. You can even pretend to be a real pirate if you like. That is what my daughter did standing on the cannon outside.

For a good laugh, read the pirate’s code before you leave, located on the Dispatch board to the right of the golf club return area, with the heading Town Crier.

You can also see what happens to sore losers; they end up hanging around! Yo Ho Ho!

See ya at the Pirate’s Island in Gulf Shores. Until next time you can follow the Travel section of our blog for more tips and travel information.