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Nothing but FUN on the Dolphin Fun Boats

What a perfect afternoon we had the other day! It just could not have been better. We decided to try a dolphin tour in Orange Beach, Alabama, and it did not disappoint us. We chose The Dolphin Fun Boats because they offer live animal interaction with crabs, shrimp, and fish. We were even lucky enough to see and hold a sea horse. Maybe once in a lifetime for some, as it was just accidentally caught in the net not long before we arrived.

The deck hands were extraordinarily nice and friendly with the kids. They taught everyone a lot of information and were open to all kinds of questions. At first, we thought we might not see any dolphins, but they showed up when the two boats created a wave between them. The dolphins seemed to love the interaction as they jumped out of the water and dove back into the waves being made between the two boats. It was as if they were waiting to see us and say hello. My daughter noticed the dolphin’s pink bellies as they came up put of the waves. You can hear her voice in the video. The captain said that dolphins’ bellies turn pink when they are happy. That made us smile, of course.

Afterward, we cooled off with ice cream and cold drinks, which were being sold inside the cabin. Some cooled off even more with a water gun water war against the other boat. Water was flying everywhere, but if you chose not to want to get soaked, just move to the front of the boat. Better yet, go inside the cabin and check out the cool dolphin necklaces. I got one myself.

They also offer a sunset tour, perfect for a date or special occasion. Sea turtles can be seen at particular times of the year. You can call ahead to see the best times of the year to see other aquatic life. We plan to go back again at a later date. You can contact the Dolphin Fun Boats for reservations and questions at 251-971-1893. For more information on Orange Beach and Gulf Shores activities, you can follow our blog.