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My Herbs

I love eating farm-to-fork, so I love growing my own herbs. There is nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs. My herbs are grown in pots on a baker’s rack on my back patio.

My Herbs

Basil is my most used herb because I enjoy putting it in water with strawberries and creating Strawberry Basil Infused Water. Part of the experience is the wonderful smell as you sip it, especially since I’m working on giving up soda.

My Basil Herbs

I sprinkle fresh parsley in one of my favorite recipes, Creamy Chicken Piccata, and put it in many other recipes, such as Lasagna Soup.


My Rosemary has gotten so big that I had to transplant it to a much larger pot.


My mint didn’t make it through the winter, so I had to buy a new one. Hopefully, I will remember to cover this one next winter.