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Mardi Gras and More

It is getting close to that time of year—Mardi Gras time. And there is no better place to go and visit except Mobile, Alabama. The home of the original Mardi Gras. In 1702 explorers d’Iberville and Bienville founded Fort Louis de la Louisiana on the Mobile River as the first capital of the French colony of Louisiana, which is now present-day Mobile, Alabama. The following year 1703, Frenchman Nicholas Langlois celebrated Shrove Tuesday forming the Societe’ de Saint Louise. They celebrated in masked balls. The first known parade was held in 1711 by Mobile’s Boeuf Gras Society, with 16 men pushing a cart carrying a large papier-mache Bull’s head. See more history here. Mardi Gras today represents more than just one day of celebration on Shrove Tuesday. It is a whole season of many weeks of balls and parades stretching from New Year’s to Ash Wednesday. Marty and I were in downtown Mobile this past Saturday, supporting the kickoff of the new Mobile Opera 2022 season, and afterward, we headed over to T.P Crockmiers for lunch. Then we walked down to Mardi Gras & More to visit our friends Cecily and Justin at their new store. This past week kicked off a new reopening of the store that had been there for 20 years. Now the store will continue under its new ownership, and it will continue to bring many more years of fun to the Port City of Mobile. We found a colorful array of Mardi Gras items to choose from. Marty picked up this amazing mask and beads while I found these beautiful glasses.

There is fun stuff hanging from the ceiling, Mardi Gras ornaments for your tree, high-quality outdoor flags, and plenty of beads. If you happen to be in downtown Mobile and you would like a fun place to shop, this is the store for you. Mardi Gras & More is located at 457 Dauphin St. in Mobile, Alabama. If you stop by, please tell them Savour sent you, and for more articles about Keeping it Local, please read our blog.