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Locals Market Restaurant

The hamburger, I have to admit is my favorite food! When I was a child, my dad even called me “Wimpy.” Do you know the character J. Wellington Wimpy? He was one of the characters in the comic strip Popeye, and his favorite food was hamburgers. So, the name fits me well, even to this day. Lucky for me I live in a town that serves some of the best hamburgers ever. Locally sourced food products come together to create the freshest, juiciest burgers in town. To add to my enjoyment is the fact that I can build my own burger. The thought of that makes my eyes light up! I am not stuck with just cheddar cheese lettuce and tomato here. Swiss cheese, Elberta semi-soft, Leydon cheese creamy, and yum! Oh yes, Tuscany brings thoughts of Italy, garlic so robust, and let’s not forget Provence which makes me think of my rosemary bushes. My mouth waters when I read the menu, but if you are a bit bored by grass-fed beef you can be a little more adventurous by trying the Bison Burger, Wild Game, Pork, Cage-Free Chicken, or Veggie Burger. Did I mention toppings? Sautéed onion or mushrooms, egg, jalapeños, local bacon, Conecuh sausage or avocado, and the possibilities go on. If hamburgers are not your favorite, take a look at the menu for many more locally sourced choices. Fresh is their main ingredient, and the atmosphere is worth a visit in and of itself. Dine outside and just have a glass of wine with a friend or sit and read a book and just enjoy the local chatter. Locals is located at 312 Fairhope Ave. in Fairhope Al. and is currently open Tuesday-Saturday, call for hours. (251) 517-7225.