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Live Bait Restaurant

If you are looking for food and fun, there is a fantastic place in Orange Beach, Alabama, called Live Bait. We stopped by one day for lunch to check it out. From the exciting décor to the Tiki bar outside, this place has it all, including a mechanical shark! My daughter gave the shark a try on the kid mode, but we heard some young male visitors like to ride it like Urban Cowboy at night.

We asked the staff to bump it up one notch just to listen to my daughter yell NO! Then we giggled a bit while we imagined the funny soon to be famous Bull Shark Cowboys who were getting tossed off of it late at night after a few too many. Connecting the restaurant to the nightclub is a lovely nature walk in and of itself. We saw at least 30 turtles, and I might mention that you should not feed the alligators. Don’t worry; there are rails to guide you between the two buildings, and the restaurant is all kid-friendly, especially during the day.

This restaurant hosts business meetings, parties of all kinds, dances, boils, and other gatherings. It is party central on the Island at night, according to their website, showcasing a large dance floor and a stage equipped with all the music you desire. Marty and I decided to try lunch while we were there. We were pretty hungry when we arrived, so we ordered an appetizer, the Ahi Tuna Nachos. It was yummy!

For an entrée, my daughter and I ordered a steak and french fries. I added some fried shrimp with mine and a side of broccoli so I could eat my veggies like a good little girl. It all arrived cooked to perfection. Marty was even better than me, as usual; she tried the grilled fresh catch, which happened to be redfish that day. She added a side of soup as well as some nice fresh broccoli.

We really enjoyed our time at Live Bait! The staff was super friendly and helpful, and we even got a T-shirt and survived the Bull Shark Adventure ride. I think this meal gave us enough energy to go and tackle an alligator; just kidding!