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“Kindness is Cool”-Keeping it Local with Neighborhood Bridges

I often hear people say why don’t we help our people in our country instead of sending our funds elsewhere. Well, here is your chance to help with direct local giving. Neighborhood Bridges is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization you can help in Baldwin County. Their mission is to bridge the community with local schools to provide basic needs to children in need in our school system. Donating to children in need removes barriers to learning, increases their self-esteem, and provides needed items to help children succeed in our community and their future lives.

How it Works:
Advocates from the school system where the child attends or in other locations identify needs and put in requests to Neighborhood Bridges for these needs to be met. What I love about this organization is that you can receive a daily email with current needs and decide which ones you can afford to meet. It can be as little as supplying some snacks to a school for children who often come to school with no food or bringing in some Kleenex for the nurses or counselors’ station. Up to supply a child with a pair of shoes, pay a fee for a graduate to be able to afford his graduation photos, or purchase a school uniform so a child can attend school. You can literally give as much or as little as you like.

I love to choose a need and fill it, then watch it be removed from their site. I truly believe that no child should go to school hungry or be picked on for wearing old, worn-out shoes. And through giving, I can also increase my own happiness because giving is the essence of happiness.
Neighborhood Bridges meet needs all over the state of Alabama, Ohio, and some places in Mississippi. Click here to visit their website, and for more Keeping it Local, please follow our blog.