Alabama,  Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores

Kilwins-Orange Beach, Alabama

Last night, we were in Orange Beach, Alabama, at “Light up the Night”—a show held at The Wharf. And we found a great place to enjoy some ice cream, drinks, and sweets galore. Kilwins, since 1947, serves up friendly service, the best Mackinac Island-style Fudge, and 28 flavors of their Original Recipe super-premium Ice Cream. They hand-craft most of their confections right inside their store kitchen. You can watch as the Fudge is created the traditional Mackinac Island-style way: cooked in a copper kettle and then poured onto a marble slab to cool and loaf. You can even enjoy the sight of them hand-dipping their caramel apples. When you walk inside, the smell is unbelievable, and the whole store looks like eye candy. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate is what we found.

If you are feeling down, this place is a mood picker-upper. Did you know chocolate is actually good for you? So, they say, and I am not going to argue with whoever they are; I am just going to go back to this store again and again. This is also a place to pick up unique gifts. We visited Kilwins, located at 4751 Main Street, Unit F113, in Orange Beach, AL. Visit their website for a location near you.

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