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Indianapolis Zoo-Indianapolis, Indiana

This past summer was road trip time! Marty’s husband had the plan to play in a sporting tournament, so we came up with a long list of fun activities to do together while we were there. One of the first places we decided to visit was the Indianapolis Zoo. A great place with a mission to protect nature and inspire people to care for our world. Marty bought our tickets online before we left. We highly suggest purchasing the armbands so that you can ride all the rides multiple times and enter the rides without having to keep buying tickets. One of our favorite adventures was with the dolphins. You can read more about our adventure¬†here¬†if you like.

There are other featured attractions, such as the Shark/Ray Touch Pool, the Magnificent Macaws, and the Kangaroo crossing. Another fun activity was feeding the flamingoes. We thought they were magnificent! Not too far away from the flamingoes, you will also find the Budgies to feed as well. This is a nice and colorful experience.

The Indianapolis Zoo offers many animal-feeding activities and rides. Isabella and Marty kicked it up a notch and rode the Kobo coaster. If you want to see the Zoo from above, try the skyline. Later we jumped onto the train and viewed the back side of the Zoo. It was interesting to learn how they reuse zoo material for growing organic gardens.

The Indianapolis Zoo offers so many different types of animals to view. From Plains animals to the Oceans. They also have many dining options available at the Zoo, so you will not go hungry. Smoked BBQ, street tacos, and Indy sweet corn, just to name a few. Stroller rental and wheelchair rental are also available, and there is free parking during operating hours. We ended our day in the gift shop, where I found an interesting book on all the different types of dolphins, and Isabella convinced Marty that she needed more “stuffies.” It was a great day at the Zoo for us. If you would like to read more about our Travels, please visit our blog.