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Indianapolis Zoo-Dolphin Encounter 

This past summer, Marty and our families took a road trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. While her husband participated in a sporting tournament, the rest of us decided to go to the Indianapolis Zoo. One of the things we could not wait to do there was to visit the dolphins. We signed up for the dolphin encounter when we bought our tickets online, so we were excited. The dolphin meet and greet is a behind-the-scenes get-up close and personal with one of several amazing marine mammals! Once we arrived at the arena, we were seated, and we learned a lot about the dolphins and what we could do to help them in the wild to protect them and our planet from harm. We found this very educational. Afterward, we watched a magnificent show. Following this scheduled Dolphin Presentation, the team of dolphin trainers led us around to the back pools of the Ascension St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion. During this brief encounter, we were given the opportunity for quick interaction. Each one of us got a double “high-five” from one of the members of the dolphin pod.

This was the best day ever for us, and we think that it’s a perfect way to add a wild twist to your next Zoo visit! The Cost is $20 per participant. The Indianapolis Zoo is located at 1200 West Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. To purchase tickets, click here.

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