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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

For summer vacation, we were traveling to Indianapolis, and we wanted to do something we hadn’t done before. We wanted to go to a car race. It was a bucket list item, and there was going to be a race the week we were there. So, to get things started, we went a few days earlier to the (IMS)Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum so we could learn more about the track and, oh yes, ride around it. Well, we did just that, even going up on the curves and everything just like the Indy cars do, except we did go in a bus.

Not as fast, but still exciting! While we were on the racetrack, we learned quite a bit about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, how it came to be, and its traditions, like kissing the bricks, drinking the milk, and why it is called the Brickyard. We were able to get off the bus and out onto the track and see the remaining bricks from the original track and the finish line. We did not want to put our lips on it. After all, we did not win the 10 million dollars, but we did get down there and take a nice photo.

We were in awe as we looked up at the stadium where would-be fans might sit. We imagined how it must feel, surrounded by such a powerful car, engine roaring, while looking up at the screaming fans with all the sounds around us. I was ready to go for that kind of ride. Instead, we headed back to the museum for the tour.

We found it very fascinating to see the first Indy 500 cars and all the winners up to the current day. The cars became faster and faster over time. Amazing stories from history there. We left ready for our race the following Sunday. It was a Nascar race, the Verizon 200. We decided to cheer on Chris Elliot. He did not win, but the number 8 car did. It was a well-deserved win; I must say, since he was in the lead most of the race. Just being there was a thrill! It WAS LOUD! You could feel the power, hear the power. Even my potato chip bag was vibrating. We recommend some good earplugs for your trip.

The next stop for us in Indianapolis is the 2023 Indy 500. A cool 350,000 people, with a snake pit, a roaring crowd, and who knows what else. We can’t wait!! If you want to read more about our race day experience, you can follow us on our blog.