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Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Race

For over 100 years, the creative vision of four men has lived on at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently, the Speedway is the home of the world-famous Indy 500 and hosts Nascar, Formula One, and some other races. However, in 1909, the raceway was just a thought in the minds of Carl G. Fisher and his three partners, James Allison, Arthur Newby, and Frank Wheeler. The track’s original purpose was to serve as a standard testing facility for the rapidly growing local automobile industry. Dozens of companies like Marmon, Cole, National, Marion, Overland, American Underslung, as well as Stutz and Duesenberg, were operating in and around the city limits. Indianapolis had by 1908 risen to fourth in the country in terms of the number of automobiles produced. By 1913, it ranked second, according to its website.

At that time, Indiana roads were not yet well developed, many passenger vehicles had become capable of greater speeds than any dirt road would permit, and to make matters worse, long trips to other cities often resorted to a lot of time spent repairing damaged tires. Recognizing that something was needed for testing purposes, local businessmen Fisher, Allison, Newby, and Wheeler joined forces to build a huge “motor parkway” on which long straightaways and gradual turns would permit any automobile to be stretched to its fullest extent. Later, occasional automobile racing events took place in which the entrants were the manufacturers. The public had an opportunity to witness competition with stripped-down versions of the identical vehicles one could purchase from the showrooms for personal transportation.

The first Indy 500 was held in 1911, and since that date, the track has become known as the Greatest Racecourse in the World! Holding the famous Indy 500 race every year, usually in the month of May. During the racetrack’s time, it has changed ownership several times, with each owner bringing something new and exciting to the track. The current owner, Penske Corporation, has brought the track into a new era with a multi-million-dollar fan experience investment that added 30 LED large-screen video boards around the track, the 100 feet wide by 20 feet tall IMS Media Wall on the base of the Pagoda facing the Pagoda Plaza, and the addition of Verizon and its 5G Ultra-Wideband network that transformed the iconic Speedway into a first-of-its-kind technology-led entertainment complex. We saw this firsthand at the last Verizon 200 Nascar race.

There was continuous excitement with the large screen televisions available for us to see what was happening on the other side of the track, and yes, we missed seeing the wrecks in front of us, but we appreciated them clearly from the teleprompters. So, we knew what was happening the whole time! This was our first trip to the Indy track, and we are hooked and ready to go back again to see the actual Indy 500 2023 next year! 

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