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Indianapolis Children’s Museum

If you happen to be on a road trip near Indianapolis with the kiddos, Marty and I highly recommend that you plan a day to visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. It is a wonderful place for both children and adults to learn about many amazing things. From dinosaurs and outer space to ancient history, this museum is hands-on. There are so many exhibits and things to learn about that really one day may not be long enough for some. We first entered the Dino sphere exhibit, which took us back millions of years ago, then made our way through different stages of time, some older than others.

We walked through Egyptian artifacts, some donated from other museums, and some were reproductions. One very interesting place was the outer space exhibits, where kids could pretend that they were on a space station or spaceship. In that area, we found a wonderful short film presented by one of the original Star Trek cast members, George Takei, where he teaches children that what they dream they can make a reality. He gives examples by showing items from the original movie they used as props but that now actually exist, for example, the cell phone. 

Another wonderful place for girls is the Barbie exhibit. It describes how Ruth Handler, the American businesswoman and inventor, invented barbie for her daughter so that she could play out her future. She saw that her daughter was not able to do this with just simple baby dolls.

For fun and for our age group, there is also a Scooby Doo exhibit. There you can try to solve a mystery, and you can see the actual van from the recent movie. We had a great time viewing the blown glass exhibit, and my daughter loved the antique indoor carousel. 

This museum is always changing, so check their website for updated information. If you are local, they offer weekly activities and family programs. Currently, they are offering Fright night for those over 21 crowds and an indoor hockey exhibit. It really is fun for the whole family. For more interesting Travel articles, please visit our blog.