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HOW to Quit Smoking for Better Health

Quitting smoking can be difficult, but it IS NOT impossible! Here are some tips that might help you quit smoking:

1. Think of reasons why you want to stop like

You don’t like having bad breath. You don’t want to risk getting cancer, you want to start leading a healthier life, and you want to save money. Write it all down on a sheet of paper and hang your list up somewhere so you can read them every day!

2. Pick a Quit date and write it on your calendar. 

Throw all your cigarettes away on this day! Have a goodbye party! It’s over!

3. Tell people you are quitting so they can hold you accountable. 

Ask for support and encouragement. Find others who are quitting, too, and support each other.

4. Ask your doctor about ways to quit. 

You can try medication if you feel you can not go at it alone. 

5. Change your routine

If you always smoke first thing in the morning, do something else instead of smoking, like, try substituting a healthy item in its place. We recommend green tea.

6. Find alternatives to smoking

Drink low-calorie drinks, chew sugarless gum or snack on something healthy. Go for a walk instead. 

7. Use distraction.

Find healthy activities to keep your mind off smoking, like listening to music and exercising.

8. Reward Yourself

Take the money you would have spent on cigarettes and buy something nice for yourself, save it in the bank, or pay for a nice exercise outfit or exercise class. Join a yoga class or do something positive to help reinforce all of the hard work you have done! Good Job!

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