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11 Hotel Room Hacks

I love to travel and have spent a lot of time in hotel rooms. These are some of the tried and true hotel room hacks that I have found to make a hotel room more comfortable and safe.

Pant Hanger to Keep Curtain Closed

No one likes to be awakened by the light coming through because the curtains will not fully close. The pant hanger is a great way to clamp the curtains together so you can sleep in for as long as you wish.

Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillowcases are great for preventing wrinkles, and I use one at home on a daily bases. So I take one with me when I travel. But make sure it is not white so that it will not be mistaken for hotel linen and left behind or changed out by the maid.

Silk Pillow Cases

Keep Do Not Disturb sign up at all Times

Keeping the Do Not Disturb sign up at all times will keep the maids from entering while you are showering, sleeping, or just did not hear their knock. It also is a great safety measure to leave it up even when you are out to make thieves think you are still in your room.

Old Card For Power Slot

Some hotel rooms have a power slot that you have to put your key card in to even turn on the power in the room. It is designed to reserve power, but after a long day in the heat, the last thing I want to do is come back to a hot room. So if you insert any card, it could be an old membership card or an old key card; it works the same way.

Flush the Toilet First

One of the first things I do when I enter the room is to inspect it, and this includes flushing the toilet. There is nothing worse than having to wait on maintenance to come and fix a toilet. This way, you can request a new room immediately if the toilet does not work properly.

Bring Power Cord with USB Ports

Most hotel rooms do not have enough plug-ins for all the electronic devices that need to be charged. So I always take a power strip with USB ports.

Bototek Power Strip

Use Coffee Pot to Heat Water for Instant Foods

The coffee pot can be used to heat plain water to prepare instant foods:

  • Instant oatmeal
  • Tea
  • Ramon noodles

Take a Picture of Your Room Number

When you travel a lot or you change hotels during your vacation, it is easy to forget your room number. So I take a picture of the room number as soon as I check in, so all I have to do is pull it up on my phone to remember my room number.

Carry Hotel’s Business Card

Carry your hotel’s business card with you. It helps you remember the name and address of your hotel, and it is especially helpful when you are in a country where you do not speak the language. You can just show the business card to the taxi or Uber driver.

Night Light in Bathroom

A lot of hotel rooms have a combination light and vent fan in the bathroom. It is to help absorb moisture and reduce mildew. I like to leave a light on in the bathroom with the door cracked so that when I wake up in the dark in an unfamiliar room, I know exactly where the bathroom is without turning on all the lights. But the light vent fan combination makes this difficult due to the noise. So I bring a plug-in night light. But make sure it is a cheap one. This is the number one thing I seem to leave behind.

Plug Phone Charger into Back of TV

If you forget the plugin part of your phone charger, then you can always plug it into the back of the TV in the room. Most hotel room TVs have USB ports. But you must make sure the TV is running to charge your phone.

I will be adding more to this post as I discover new Tips, so check back later. For more Travel Tips and Hacks, follow the Travel Tips section of our blog.