Savour a Life Well Lived

We are Besties, Marty and Kathleen, two hospital nurses with a wealth of knowledge about life. We hope to show you our secrets to how we Savour our lives and how you can Savour yours too. As we journey through our own lives our goal is to bring ideas to you that maybe you never thought of before. We truly hope you will follow our blog through pictures and stories about our adventures together.

We have seen people at their best AND their worst moments. Additionally, we want to teach you about wellness and health, and to love your body and nourish your soul.  We like to point out the little details that make life so important to us. We care about others and therefore want to see the world as a better place. Marty & I believe you can truly create the life you desire no matter your background,  you can start where ever you are and begin with little steps every day to a brighter future. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.