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Have you ever needed to right a wrong?

Have you ever made a mistake that you wish you could take back? Or promised something then didn’t follow through? I have. Several times! I felt bad, but perhaps I did nothing. Or maybe I said I was sorry, but it didn’t quite fit. Well, in a few weeks, I will get an opportunity to right a wrong. Something I have been thinking about for some time now. I would have done it sooner, but I wasn’t able because of Covid and many other reasons. Having to wait this long has made me think about it even more. Maybe I deserved the agony of it all? Having to wait so long to fix it. Maybe not; I do not even know. I thought I was making the right decision when I made a mistake in the first place but quickly, I figured out I was wrong. But I am going to repair this as soon as possible for me and for the others that I hurt. I cannot wait to do it. My life will be better because of it. I will be a better person.

Do you need to the right a wrong?? How will you feel if you just do it? How will you make the one you hurt feel if you correct your wrong? Wouldn’t it be a positive way to move into your future?
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