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Gulf Breeze Zoo- Gulf Breeze, Florida

Recently, our Savour crew headed over to Gulf Breeze, Florida, for a sunny day’s adventure. We planned a day outside on 50 acres at the Gulf Breeze Zoo. The zoo is open daily, rain or shine, and was voted Traveler’s Choice on Trip Advisor in 2020. There, we took a train ride; then we got up close with two Hippos at the Hippo encounter. It was a lifetime encounter. These Hippos are herbivores, meaning that they eat a diet of almost exclusively plants. Thus, they do not prey on any other animal species as a predator. They did mark their territory when we arrived, and we were told not to touch them! No worries, while Marty was the brave soul standing right next to them, I threw the fruit in their mouths like I was on a basketball court playing a ball from a distance! I’m the careful one. You know, the scaredy cat?

We reboarded the train and finished our ride, saying goodbye to the Hippos, gorillas, and zebras. Next, we headed over to see the Giraffes. Did you know that they can kick sideways? Apparently, this is a defense mechanism to help them fend off lions. So be careful when you are standing next to them. You will enjoy the rather large, long purple tongues that come out of their mouths. Their tongues curl around the leaves of lettuce so they can grab them. If you sign up for the encounter, you can go behind the scenes to see where they sleep.

There are other encounters as well. You can get up close and personal with a sloth. There are over 800 animals at the Gulf Breeze Zoo, from Bengal tigers to otters to colorful birds and more. You can pet goats and sheep or feed parakeets. The little kiddos will enjoy this. Listen out for the gibbons; they may call out like they are on a loudspeaker.

If you get hungry, there is a Grill. Nothing fancy, but it is convenient, and for a laugh, try the chocolate bananas. End your day in the gift shop. We purchased the Fahlo beaded bracelets. These are also great gifts. You buy a bracelet with an animal on it, and then you can track that type of animal in the wild. We are currently tracking a penguin, a giraffe, and a polar bear. The Gulf Breeze Zoo is located at 5701 Gulf Breeze PKWY, Gulf Breeze, FL. 32563. The contact phone is (850) 932-2229.

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