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Five Ways to Find a Healthy New Rhythm for Your Life

Do you feel like you are going non-stop on a train you can’t get off? Well, let’s be honest: everything is more dangerous at high speed. The hurry and busyness of everyday life can be a great destroyer in a world where we are expected to be as efficient as possible. But when we are overly tired, we tend to become numb to what matters most to us. Our family, our relationships with friends, and our children suffer. Even our health. When we are over-committed, we postpone and cut short what matters most. This ever-increasing fast pace of life turns people into machines and greatly reduces our level of happiness and fulfillment. If we do not stop and realize what is going on, and take a hard look at ourselves, and slow it all down, we are putting our lives at risk.

Here are Five Ways to Put the Brakes on Things:

1. Regain Your Sense of Rhythm

Ask yourself if your pace of life is sustainable. How is this pace affecting my life? My kids? My marriage? So many people buy into the dream that more is better. More money, more recognition, more satisfaction. But we were not meant to behave like machines. When a family or a person finds a healthy rhythm, then everything seems to work better. You can have all the money in the world, but if you trade being there for your child’s tennis match for another day at the office or your wedding anniversary for another meeting, it all will come at a significant cost. Your marriage may fizzle, or your child may move toward more at-risk behaviors. Take time to be with your family. It’s important to set a positive tone and atmosphere when it comes to the climate of your family.

2. Regain a Sense of Spiritual Focus

Mathew 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Where we spend our time and focus is where our hearts reside. When you rush through life and do not take time to rest and nourish your soul, what profit have you gained? Let your soul catch up with your body. It is ok to take a day of rest.

Healthy New Rhythm

3. Nourish your Mental Health

We have a generation of individuals who are over-medicated, stressed, and killing their bodies. Possibly due to this fast-paced pace of life, we are all partaking in. From stomach pains to acid indigestion to anxiety, depression, and more. Driving from one game to the next and trying to make it to that next social event. But we were not all meant to live at such a breathless pace. Your child does not need to play every sport. It is ok to spend the day at home with family just being together. Play games with your children, and take a nature walk. Meditate. Nothing must be on the schedule for a day.

4. Thin Your Schedule

Implement a Sabbath day into your family life. Like a gardener thins their overgrown garden, you should look at your life and your schedule and take out what is not needed. Get rid of some of the good stuff to make room for the best. We must learn to say “NO,” even to some of the good things, so that we can say “YES” to what matters most. After all, how can we be confident in our own lives if we are always in a sense of Chaos? What does this look like? Well, this will look different to each person, but start by scheduling your priorities and not by scheduling your existing schedule. Make a list of all your current obligations, and then start slashing. Once you have made this list, look for a place to add a day of rest. Some call it a Sabbath. Simply a day of rest. A Sabbath changes the pace of your life, helps you to slow down, and helps you to find a sense of peace. Doing this will help you psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and in your relationships with others. Today is a day of no emails, no chores, no work. Just rest, restore, refresh, recreation.

5. Change Your Communication Style

Set your own emotional thermostat in your home. You can see everything that is wrong in your family or everything that is right. You are in control. When your children or your husband frustrate you, try responding with affection, warmth, and encouragement instead of shame and negative remarks. While there is not much you can do when people test your limits, responding with kindness and love, using self-discipline, and biting your tongue can be much more effective techniques than yelling, screaming, and crying. Showing lots of affection to your family helps to build security, and it is a family blessing. Studies have shown that your children will be less sexually promiscuous, will be more comfortable with themselves, and will develop a more positive self-image. Filling your home with warmth reduces stress in families. Some drama in families is unavoidable, but attitude is everything. So, ask yourself, “Do you personally contribute to a negative home environment or a positive one? No one can live a successful life if they have not mastered self-control.

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