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Fantasy Island Toys Fairhope, AL

Keeping it local today in Fairhope, Alabama, at Fantasy Island Toys located downtown. When it is time, birthday time for one of my child’s besties, and I need a gift, the first place I love to go is to the toy store. I particularly adore the one in downtown Fairhope because it just flat-out looks like a toy store. Stripes at the entrance with an antique appearing sign and a door that opens into a toy wonderland.

Fantasy Island Toys

In addition to the amazing toys they have inside, the service is spot on. Sometimes I bring my daughter and let her pick out the gift. Other times I just go in and tell them I need a gift for a certain age, and I need it wrapped, and voila, it is done! So easy, and I always leave with a smile and the idea that I once again kept it Local! Fantasy Island Toys is located at 335 Fairhope Ave. Fairhope, Alabama.

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