Balanced Mind

Don’t Just Hope-Make It Happen!

Lately, I have been looking around me, looking at the world, my neighbors, friends, family, and even myself. Looking. Studying. In order to learn. I have asked myself how I would like things to be in my life. I have asked myself what I would like to be different. And I decided that change starts with me and from within. It is all I can do. Change me because I understand that I cannot change the world. I can only look and learn, live and let live. Be happy with me, my own life, actions, and overall outcomes. So. How do you change yourself? How do you make it happen?

  1. Firstly, I stopped and took a good look around me. Then I thought about what type of people surrounded me. What type of people would I rather have around me instead? Artists? Scientist? Mentors? Loyal friends? Do I know any? How could I meet them? Is anyone around me that I could spend less time with? Also who can be eliminated from my life, and who cannot? Who adds value to my life, and who does not? I wanted to surround myself with positive influencers. 

2. Then, I thought about the environment I was living in and if it matched my personality. I took notice of where I was spending my time. Where would I rather spend my time? How can I move there or work there? Can I join a group or a club that will help me get there? How can I make it happen?

3. Also I asked myself, “Do you feel healthy”? The answer was no. Hence, I began thinking about my health and how I could change my Diet. I decided to get caught up with my routine checkups. I began an exercise routine with my bestie, Marty. We began Meditation. You can even follow us here on our Fitness Journey. When you feel your best and look your best, you will be happier. 

4. Thereafter, I evaluated my finances and planned to get all my bills together. I made a list and put it down on paper so I could see it. Then came up with a plan to get rid of it. Pay it Off! A debt-free life is a stress-free life, in my opinion. 

5. I evaluated every aspect of my life, from the clothes in my closet to the shoes on my feet to my aspirations and my dreams. I wanted to bring my values into the overall equation. Am I being true to myself? Am I living the life I deserve? The best I can give to myself?

Can I accomplish everything I want to? Maybe not. But when I do everything to not just Hope, and to try to Make it happen instead. I am being true to myself. I know I will accomplish at least some of the things I want for myself. And I will gain my own self-respect in the process. This is how I Savour my life. For more Balanced Mind articles, you can follow us on our blog.