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Do You Enjoy Travel Comfort or Travel Variety?

I am a psychologist at heart. I have a bachelor’s degree in it. I enjoy asking questions and making observations. I do this to learn more about myself and the world around me. So lately, I have been noticing that when some people retire, they move to where they vacationed as a child. Their parents took them to some place every summer, and then they wanted to retire there. I started to try to understand why. So, I did some research, and what I found is that not everyone likes novelty to the same degree. While some love to experience new places, others find it stressful to always be navigating through the unknown. For most of my life, I think my parents were just happy to be in the same place, and they never took me anywhere at all. They simply loved their everyday life. I myself try to find a balance between wanting to experience and become familiar with places and experiencing the world. Since I have not traveled a lot as a child, I do often find it stressful to always be navigating through unknown locales without ever developing much familiarity with them. I do find satisfaction in really getting to know a place and experiencing it, and I am often disappointed at how, superficially, as travelers, we experience other places, never getting to really know them. I do tend towards the side of not needing novelty. I know that some people would never want to visit the same place twice in their lives, and I also know people for whom one great vacation spot is plenty. I even know a few people for whom traveling has little charm. I do want to see 2,000-year-old ruins. I want to taste something I’ve never tasted. I want to see coastlines, mountains, rivers, and unfamiliar things.

But there is something to be said about really falling in love with a place. Wanting so much to show it to other people in your life, the more you go there. More memories are made, hence a stronger urge to go back. This must be the feeling some are looking for when they retire. They are simply going back to that place where they spent valuable time with their families in the past. Where they walked as children, they reminisced about a special place they sat. That rock they found. It is that familiar feeling they desire. All this really makes me stop and think about my travel plans and about my future retirement. I have started to imagine how I can create this for my own child. I want to create for her something that I missed. And while I create this for her, I may even be finding something new for myself. A vacation now for our family and my own future retirement place where I can look back and Savour.

How about you? Do you just love the adventure you discover around every corner? Or do you find comfort in some special place you vacationed as a child? Where do you want to retire and why? We at Savour would love to hear from you. And we always love to give you something to think about. For more Balanced Mind articles, please follow our blog.