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Cardinals: A Look at What They Mean to Me

Cardinals are my favorite bird. I love to watch them on my bird feeder and on my fountain. The other day I found a nest in the large bush beside my back patio. After many attempts, I was finally able to photograph the mother. The Northern Cardinal is a red bird known for its cone-shaped orange bill. The male can be bright red with black markings but the female ranges from tan to grey in color with some red on the wings and tail. These birds are common and widespread throughout eastern North America. Some people believe that “cardinals appear when angels are near.” This is a very comforting thought to me. For this reason, I love to decorate with them, especially around Christmas time.

Another fact is that cardinals mate for life, which makes people think of true love, monogamous relationships, and staying faithful to one’s partner. They don’t migrate either – instead, they live in the same place year-round, which means they have come to symbolize the home. Also, cardinals are very sociable birds and are happy to be in the company of other cardinals or even birds of other species. For this reason, they likewise represent friendship. So I feel that cardinals represent Hope, Faithfulness, Home, and Friendship. All of these are things that I value in my life. I have really enjoyed watching these babies grow.