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Café Acadiana -Silverhill, Alabama

Located in the beautiful town of Silverhill, Alabama, is a unique family-owned restaurant named Café Acadiana. Named after the Acadian people who were exiled from Nova Scotia in the 1760s and who then settled in Louisiana, this restaurant brings a Louisiana flavor to our area. The menu offers truly Authentic Cajun Cuisine, as well as All American and Seafood Cuisine. The seafood here is the real deal—a Cajun dream. From burgers, onion rings, and fries to the Crab cake Pontchartrain, I think you are cheating yourself if you don’t go here. And all of you who are missing your home state of Louisiana, well, here you go! The staff members are so lovely and so busy. But they still check on you constantly and pick up dishes so fast. They work hard to make you happy. Try the slaw with crackers. You can save them for your dinner or have that little snack before dinner arrives. We love that this place is family-owned and family-oriented and that we are keeping it local once again. This sweet restaurant lies in the heart of Silver Hill and is located on County Road 104 on the north side of Hwy. at 16137 Silverhill Ave, Silverhill, AL 36576.

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