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Bridget’s Southern Charm

Have you ever been riding down the road and boom, something went wrong with your car? This happened to us one day while driving down county road 104 in Silverhill, Alabama. We stopped at a unique-looking store called Bridget’s Southern Charm, went inside, and just asked for a little help. We didn’t just get a little help; we got a LOT of help! The owners went way out of their way to help us.

So after it was all said and done and we were on our way, we just couldn’t stop thinking about how much they did for us. So we went back over there to shop at the store and just say thank you once again. We found unique items, many handmade.

For example, she makes this fantastic soap with a toy inside of it, and they are so cute that I gave one to my seven-year-old to help her get more excited about bath time. As the soap melts down, you can see the surprise toy inside. Marty found the perfect wreath for her front door, and I found a yard decoration.

Ladies, the store has handmade toddler dresses, too, and colorful fabrics for summer. You can find Bridgette’s Southern Charm on Facebook. They are located at 21960 West Side Loop Silverhill, AL 36576. We hope that you will stop by to see Southern Charm at its best. This family is spectacular!

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